DoctorWellness SAS is the company established in Colombia, dedicated to complete health services through the model called “Health Tourism” with online and offline presence.

Our mission is to provide access, fast, easy and at a fair price to health services for everyone, supported by the latest technology of health providers in Colombia with high quality standards.

The prestigious online magazine InternationalLiving dedicated to living outside the country of origin, selected Colombia in January 2018, within the top 5 world destinations for health treatments. Source (https://internationalliving.com/countries-best-healthcare-world/)

www.mydoctorwellness.com is the DoctorWellness website in the health tourism division. We have a system of access to health services, simple and effective, which guarantees the agility and ease of patient care.

DoctorWellness is a diversified company managed by professionals that is dedicated to basic segments of: medical care, health care contracting services in all areas of medicine and dentistry, information technology, telephone communication, e-learning and contracting services of travel and tourism.

DoctorWellness is being managed by a group of medical professionals with a specialty in health services administration with 22 years of experience in the Health Care Industry in Colombia.

At DoctorWellness, we are committed to providing the highest quality health services available with the highest scientific evidence. For this we have strategic alliances with the best health service professionals, with national and international training. And with access to the most advanced medical technology worldwide.

Our values ​​are based on:

  • Service is the key to success.
  • Integrity, brings us to a service of excellence.
  • We believe that good service is based on trying to satisfy the interests of patients first.
  • We behave and try to work based on solid biblical principles.

We make continuous efforts to help patients receive world-class medical treatments at significantly lower costs and almost zero waiting periods. Our allied network of professionals and health institutions have extensive experience in the successful management of international patient pathologies.


We make great efforts to inform, educate and guide patients to make a complex process transparent and easy.

Our base is in Bogotá, where the largest number of Colombian health institutions accredited internationally are.

Together with our team and our hospitals and allied medical professionals, we are dedicated and committed to the needs of patients and we make every effort to provide relief to patients, providing them with effective medical treatment and personalized services and support.

We understand the importance of safety and reliability in the provision of health services. That is why we work hard to gain the trust of patients. Thus, we have adopted strict quality control processes in different aspects of our services.

Hospitals and clinics are selected according to a series of parameters that include experience in specific segments of medical care, team of health professionals, international certifications, and infrastructure.

Our panel of health professionals is highly trained and is an expert in their fields. Most doctors have graduated from the best Colombian universities with advanced studies in the USA. and Europe and have a vast experience in the field in which they operate.

It is our promise that patients can count on us at every point, from planning to executing their trip and treatment.

We offer assistance at each stage, including pre-trip preparations and medical support before and after treatment, itinerary planning, selection of hospitals and surgeons, treatment procedures, adequate accommodation, and finally the long-awaited return home.

A large percentage of the foreign public does not have financial access to important medical procedures. These procedures are undoubtedly to improve the quality of life, such as orthopedics, reproductive health, dental cosmetics or a procedure to save lives, such as cardiac or oncology.

The health care system ignores this type of patients until their condition changes to critical. Then, he is legally obligated to intervene when the patient arrives in an emergency room. This not only reduces the quality of life, but also reduces the patient’s life expectancy.

DoctorWellness offers the public abroad access to high quality medical procedures provided by certified hospitals around the world at affordable costs. We offer an alternative to inaccessible medical care in the US, Europe and the rest of the world.

The services are provided by well-trained doctors, with superior knowledge and experience.


Note: Medical Practice pictures courtesy Abood Shaio Foundation; Bogotá D.C.


Fill in the information on our contact form.

DoctorWellness will send the information regarding your needs.

Schedule an appointment with the doctor you need

You and DoctorWellness will make the arrangements for your treatment.

What do we do:

Medical tourism has been in Colombia for years; However, there is much to be done in the organization of the process of access to health services, and many patients generally depend on individuals who guide more or less in a cost-effective manner. In addition, many other patients come through direct contact with hospitals, in which case a correct hospital is sought.

We understand that it is not an easy decision, to trust someone for medical treatments.

We, as a company, have set out to solve these problems and make this industry in the service sector more organized.

The company does not work for a particular hospital / clinic, however, it acts as a connector between patients / visitors and several hospitals, suggesting several options available based on the required treatment or other services.

The Company provides international patient services together with your family to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience during your stay. Some of the services we can provide are:

  • Suggestions of hospitals / clinics according to the required treatment / budget.
  • First-class treatment by doctors trained in Colombia / EE. UU and Europe.
  • Consultations with doctors.
  • Assistance in treatment planning / review with appointment and travel schedule.
  • Super short waiting times for surgical procedures.
  • Coordination of all appointments.
  • Orientation / guide.
  • Online assistance to patients.

Corporate or institutional medical tourism:

This is a new trend of health tourism abroad, where corporations are devising health benefits strategies for employees that would save costs of corporate medical treatment; In particular, companies are concerned about the increase in the cost of business health insurance that comes with high premiums to cover surgical interventions and the hospitalization expenses of their employees.

In the most recent past, most of the employees’ health care providers have seen certain common problems such as heart stress, obesity and orthopedics, which are often very expensive and represent a setback for the overall levels of employee productivity. the employees, the solution to save costs in such things and to obtain a better level of productivity is to opt for an institutional or corporate medical treatment abroad.

DoctorWellness offers this type of business health packages to improve the productivity of companies.

Optional services Related to accommodation in hotels and tour packages:

  • Packages, pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization.
  • Accommodation arrangements for relatives and assistants.
  • All these optional services can be used, if desired, with affordable service rates.
  • Medical consultation of evolution before the trip back home.
  • Transfers to the airport.

The company has an agreement with several hospitals / clinics, hotels, resorts, interpreters, guides. to facilitate the provision of the aforementioned services.

The company also organizes online chats and videoconferences between doctors and international patients so they can answer their questions before arriving in Colombia.

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