Surgical procedure for men and women, which aims to remove excess skin and fat that is flaccid either in the abdomen abdominal lipectomy or tummy tuck. In this case the excess skin is removed and the muscles are treated to improve the contour. It produces a transverse scar at the lower abdominal level that can go from hip to hip, in such a way that it is hidden inside the bathing suit or underwear. Some scars and stretch marks below the navel may disappear in the segment of skin and fat that is removed

Women who are thinking about subsequent pregnancies surgery is not recommended because the results obtained can be lost. However, it will not alter the development of the baby.


Abdominal lipodystrophy, abdomen pendulum and abdominal striae are pathologies associated with postpartum or as sequelae of pregnancy and are treated with abdominoplasty, mini lipectomies and generally have 2 surgical components: the resection of infra umbilical skin with or without striae, plication of the aponeurosis supra e infra umbilical and extraction of fat for the shaping of waist, abdomen and back. It is usually accompanied by lipotransference to the buttocks


The different surgical procedures described above are performed by Dr. Pedro Urazán, taking advantage of his 30 years of experience as a specialist in Plastic Surgery and more than 50,000 successful procedures.

The best way to know if you are a candidate for this surgery is to come to a consultation with Dr. Pedro Urazán or if you can not come to the office you have a consultation by telemedicine, so you can tell us all your goals and expectations. We are aware that each of us is unique, with different desires and desires, and we are here to help you achieve your goals with the means we have.



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