The ovaries age differently than the rest of the female body and unfortunately apart from a healthy lifestyle, there are no measures to prevent their aging. The quantity and quality of ovules remaining in the ovaries gradually decreases throughout life, and this decrease accelerates after 35 years.

Fertility in women reaches its peak between the final stage of adolescence and the final stage of the second decade of life and then begins to decline. Towards the end of the third decade, the possibility of achieving a spontaneous pregnancy decreases and the possibility of abortions and embryos with genetic alterations increases, with which ovule vitrification is an alternative to preserve fertility.

Women who wish to delay motherhood until the end of the third or beginning of the fourth decade of life can consider preserving their eggs and attending a consultation for the preservation of fertility and cryopreservation of ovules.

The vitrification of ovules is the method by which a woman can preserve her ovules in order to preserve her fertility in the future, before the ovarian function is altered. It is used mainly in women who, due to medical conditions, are at risk of early loss of ovarian function, or in women who, for personal reasons, wish to postpone motherhood.




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