The recurrent loss of pregnancy is defined by the presentation of two or more losses before 24 weeks of gestation. Although approximately 25% of all recognized pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion, less than 5% of women experience two spontaneous abortions, and only 1% experience three or more.

Couples who have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss may benefit from a medical evaluation by an expert and psychological support.

  • Genetic alterations are the main cause of recurrent abortion. They can be inherited or by chromosomal alterations generated at random in the embryo.
  • The possibility of a spontaneous abortion increases with the woman’s age. After 40 years, more than a third of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion, relapsing in most cases with abnormalities in the chromosomes.
  • Endocrine factors such as diabetes, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or low levels of progesterone, have increased risk of miscarriage.
  • Alterations in the anatomy of the uterus are also associated with repeat abortion. There are several diagnostic tests that allow discarding this type of alterations and propose the best treatment if necessary.
  • Immune and coagulation disorders have also been associated with repeat abortion. The Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome should always be studied in this context and, if confirmed, initiate the respective treatment.
  • More and more data suggest that the alteration of the DNA integrity of sperm can affect the development of the embryo and, possibly, increase the risk of suffering a spontaneous abortion, depending on the case it may be necessary to carry out complementary studies to the man, before Try a new pregnancy.

Unfortunately, many cases have no apparent explanation. Between 60 and 70% of couples who suffer recurrent pregnancy losses without explanation will have a successful next pregnancy.

It is recommended:

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take folic acid supplements before trying a new pregnancy.
  • Leave toxic habits such as cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Practice moderate exercise.
  • Controlling the weight can bring benefits.

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